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AIFO Partnership

Interacting with the community, treating the environment that surrounds us with respect, and the will to contribute to creating a better world are the objectives of Telcom, representing the principles that inspire our decision-making. Therefore, our commitment is constantly aimed at the creation of overall well-being for community we work in and, in particular, for future generations. For this reason we are particularly active in seeking harmonious solutions from both and environmental and corporate points of view, and have given rise to an integrated and entrepreneurial project that safeguards the context we find ourselves in.

The non-governative AIFO organisation

In 2003, Telcom stipulated a partnership with the non-government organisation entitled AIFO for the purpose of cooperating for the development and safeguarding of international public health. The decision to join an organisation like AIFO and giving rise to the "Acquarius - water for life" project committed us to the consolidation of different programmes in support of the same, born of the awareness that our Company cannot ignore initiatives that are not exclusively related to the business and that, for this reason, must offer a contribution to the resolution of problems worldwide. We therefore believe that we have a duty to respect the world we live in by acting responsibly and with moral integrity.

The decision to offer our contribution to the AIFO was born of the desire to collaborate with a unique organisation working worldwide, that have concrete objectives to contribute to the development of disadvantaged areas, the support and protection of childhood, and the instilling a sense of interculturality.

In 2007 project "Acquarius - water for life" was completed, after having seen the collaboration between Telcom SpA and the national AIFO association in Bologna in agreement with the local Ministry of Public Health for the construction of 8 wells and repair of 36 wells in the rural community in the province of Nampula in Mozambique for the purpose of facilitating the provision of drinking water to the local population, for the improvement of health/hygiene conditions for about 30,000 people. Mozambique numbers among the five poorest nations in the world with a very high infant mortality rate, poor literacy, and a high percentage of the population living under the poverty level. The commitment of Telcom is of primary importance for the health activities here. In fact, the possibility to use hydraulic resources will increase the qualitative level of the local health services. Telcom's gesture demonstrates their intention to concretely sustain the values of focusing on the individual, of the gratitude and responsibility towards disadvantaged subjects in developing nations.

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